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What is that special ingredient that changes a journey from the ordinary to something utterly amazing?

This is the question that the Team at China Experience have been battling with throughout its existence, in order to ensure that each and every traveller that embarks upon one of our travels, really experience “amazing” in the true sense of the word, in compiling the below tours – we have once again tried our utmost to live up to these expectations.

Is it the destination that will ultimately change a journey from the ordinary to amazing? Yes and No…At China Experience we are of the opinion, that yes, the beauty, charm and adventure of unknown parts of our wonderful planet will surely contribute, but we also believe that all journeys should have some secret destinations that the travelers is unaware of departure.

Is it the service that makes a journey amazing? Once again it’s a Yes and No answer… We believe that a high standard of service is compulsory to make any trip exceptional, after all this is an expected norm to the service industry. We believe that “service” is different from provider to provider. Service should be more than just the normal , accommodation, transportation and tour guiding. To us at China Experience it’s the above and that special “Human Touch” that plays a vital role in enabling our travellers to experience “Amazing”.

Is it the Experience that makes a journey amazing? Yes and No once again…All the new experiences during the journey will surely enable the traveller to experience and understand other cultures, to make new friends along the way and to create those wonderful memories that will last forever. Here at China Experience we endeavour to create, special occurrences along the way to enhance these memories.

Taking the above into consideration during the compilation of the below tours, we are positive that our travellers will experience “ Amazing” when embarking on any of the below tours…

Please take note that all of the below mentioned tours have set departures but can however also be done on individual basis should the dates given not suit you. When a Tour reached 8 Participants a Tour Leader from South Africa will be sent with to accompany the group. If there is less than 8 People the tour will still go and a Local English Speaking Guide will be arranged for participants on that side. Our Set Departures are rarely bigger then 10 – 12 People, we try and keep it as small as possible so that the Tour does not lose its special touch and personal interaction with the participants.

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