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Eastern Europe & Baltic States

This region is one of the rising top travel destinations...

This region is one of the rising top travel destinations, so why not indulge your passion for travel and perfect vacation or holiday and try something new.

Easter Europe is a large region with many diverse destinations. Popular Eastern Europe travel destinations include capital cities, historic towns, and seaside resorts. Moscow and St Petersburg are two of the most popular destinations in Russia. Poland is an up-and-coming travel destination. Not yet overly expensive, it is showing visitors its best side. Whether you go to Warsaw to view its old town – carefully rebuilt after the war, or you choose to tour the country’s many castles, you will experience both contemporary and classic polish cuisine, enjoy the local custom and learn about the Polish history. Kiev and Odessa offers some of the most beautiful castles and historic architectures in the Ukraine. The Baltic States, famous for well-preserved medieval heritage, charming old towns and its unique Nouveau and Baroque architecture, but that’s not all. These beautiful, diverse counties have so much more to offer.

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