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Far East

Discover your own favourite exotic destination...

Discover your own favourite exotic destination…in Indochina, North & East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the sub-continent of South Asia!

It is difficult to understand why travelers would prefer to visit one country over visiting another? Clearly, much depends on an individual’s personal tastes, be it an interest in history, culture, geography, foreign cuisines, or human endeavour and achievement. The odds are, however, that they are seeking places with cultures completely different to their own. Those seeking places and cultures far removed from their own, will certainly find it in this brochure.

Indochina (Vietnam, Laos , Cambodia , Thailand and Myanmar)
North & South Asia (Japan , South Korea and Mongolia)
Southeast Asia (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore)
South Asia Sub-continent (Bhutan, India and Nepal)

downtown saigon
halong bay 3
burma filler
mlm 317
shwedagon pagoda yangon
himalaya nepal
himalaya landscape nepal
trekking nepal
angkor wat siem reap
royal palace phom penh

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