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Hong Kong

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China is not so much a Travel Destination as a Mind-Boggling Phenomenon

Ancient, vast, evolving and exciting, China is the trip of a lifetime. Just ask anyone who has already been there! The sights you encounter on any China Experience Trip will evoke all your emotions, stir your curiosity, and hold you enraptured…day after unforgettable day! In Beijing for instance, you have to pinch yourself to realise you are standing in the Forbidden City, where the last Emperor of China came to the throne as a 3 Year old…outside the city at the exquisite Summer Palace, you become engrossed in the history of Empress Dowager Cixi, remembered as one of history’s most monstrous women. Moving onto Xian, you discover a truly ancient city that once vied with Rome and later Constantinople (Today’s Istanbul) for the title of the greatest city in the world. Guilin has always been famous for its unusual scenery…impossibly contorted limestone hills, so inspiring that poets, artists and tourists can’t stay away.

The mighty Yangtze Three Gorges Dam, stretching upstream for 600 km’s, has already changed the face of the major waterway. Shanghai…even if you don’t like big cities you are going to be seduced by this one. It’s the perfect oriental – western mix, a go man go metropolis overflowing with interest and excitement. And then….the wondrous cuisines of China…. The China People are warm, gentle, sensitive and bend over backwards willing to assist. The Chinese have a inborn aptitude for Hospitality…and they offer it generously, in kind and in spirit. 

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great wall badaling beijing
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